Celebration of New Year 2019

Happy New Year 

New Year means a person have new hopes, new desires, new purposes of life, new determinations or make resolutions. New year signifies new beginnings for everyone, make changes to your life and to look upon on your past what you had done is it right or wrong for you and now what you will have to do further to make it better than that . It’s a simple greeting that will b voiced and heard throughout first few weeks as New Year gets underway. It’s a time of celebrations, beginning of all new work and activities whereas leaving all the worst deeds in past.

A resolution defines as a goal for fresh new start. It’s a chance to learn new habits and to live a healthier and happy life. A person can neither be too young nor too old to make resolutions. It gives you a good feelings to make a decision and have the pleasure of making a better life ahead, for example you can make resolutions like to make more money, to exercise more, to make relationships strong, make good career , to b healthier, to do chores efficiently or to do volunteers work etc. Many people can come up with lots of resolutions but few can stick to them so be ambitious and make as many resolutions as you can and try to fulfill them honestly but it’s not as hard as u would think. In addition, we have to b careful about what we have to change and resolutions we hope to achieve in the next year.

  New Year events are more pleasurable and well organized all over the world as it is important part of celebrations. Usually those events are held on 31st of December eve, events like dance show, musical concerts, sports show, DJ nights, beach New Year parades or cruise parties are some of the common ones to b held on that day. Everybody is in a good mood on those parties, waiting to welcome the New Year, wishing each other, to go somewhere to enjoy this night and every heart holds warmth of mirth and enthusiasm in it. As the New Year approaches people start to wonder that how can we make our forthcoming days all happier and blissful joy. Planning New Year parties purchasing New Year gifts for everyone etc consume most of our days prior to the occasion.                                                                                   

The excitement gathers momentum as the clock nears twelve a very exciting mood and tempo set your adrenaline gushing and people have a blast time. The whole world celebrates New Year eve with lot of gaiety and pomp. At homes people decorate their dining tables for family and friends with various kinds of delicious foods if they are not going outside for any reason but they don’t miss to celebrate. Most of the countries across the world have some special cuisines which are served on the very first day of New Year or may be on the New Year eve. They bid a sweet goodbye to the passing year and greets new fresh year with grand parties. Irrelevant of the cast, creed, religion and region people love to celebrate New Year in a great manner.

  Every New Year is different from the last year so should be started on a new footing last year may not be pleasant as you expected, however one thing is sure that the new year may lead a tremendous change in your life.  So the departed year is bidden farewell valediction to and the New Year is embraced with open arms and you can celebrate the New Year without much effort, with just you and few others so let just yourself off that couch and celebrate New Year. May this year brings lot amelioration and fulfill all your wishes.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.