Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day this day is celebrated on every 14th of February. This day is very famous among youngsters as this is known as the best day for conveying their love towards each other’s and also with other family members like parents, siblings etc by exchanging gifts, cards, and flowers. The popularity of Valentine’s Day is immense and it is observed as holiday in many countries. As this day is dedicated to saint valentine and celebrate every 14th February. This day is not only confined to the couple it may also concerns with every relationships which is cherished like friendship, mother daughter, father son and any other familial significant relationships can celebrate.                        As on that day people believes that love is in the air, and when ladies and gents especially ladies are counting down the days until they get to open the much anticipated valentine’s day gift which is the most awaited thing on this day from their loved ones. People make preparation or create new ideas for their partners to surprise them with new gifts and the most important part on this day is the colors of dresses or flowers it is said that red rose express love whereas yellow rose and other flowers are the sign of pure friendship. Everything in red color becomes craze during valentine’s week including red flowers, Red dresses or red cards etc.                      People who are in look forward to the Valentine’s Day are the couples. The day is closely marked with mutual exchange love notes between lovers. Previously handwritten love note or poem were exchanges, but later on a mass scale production of greeting cards started. The main symbol of Valentine’s Day are heart shaped outlines and figures of winged cupid. E- cards are the main attractions on the shops covered wide themes on valentine’s day like valentine kiss cards, valentines flowers cards, valentines teddy cards, valentine friends cards etc. These cards are the major symbol of demonstrating tender emotions of people. It is a day when they show their affections in a special way. Girls like to receive a box with lots of valentine candies and chocolates, flowers, being taken out for a dinner and getting romantic cards, in same manner girls also buy some unique gifts for their special ones like floral bouquets, special combos and chocolates etc.                                      As the 14th February approaches everyone starts looking at the romantic valentines gifts. First, let answering out what romance is and what it has to do with Valentine’s Day and love. Romance is an expression or sign of love with words and deeds. It is an attempt of one’s love or ones deep emotions or desires to connect with another person so the whole idea behind Valentine’s Day is to express our strong bond to our love its symbol of connection within two people. A romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea could be just taking out time from our busy world. A personalized Valentine’s Day gift comes in many forms. No matter what form it comes in just be sure it is a true reflection of the recipient.              From a week before 14th February ,celebrations of valentine’s day begins each day has different themes like 7th rose day, 8th propose day, 9th chocolate day, 10th teddy day, 11th promise day, 12th kiss day, 13th hug day and then finally 14th valentine’s day the mixtures of all day. Lovers eagerly wait for this day. A lot of people most of the people proposes their feeling for the very first time to their sweethearts and some take it as a fun source. Majority proposals are taken in a positive manner at the same time rejections are avoided on this day. To make this day memorable everyone creates a special personalized valentines day by taking photos with their loved ones and make album or put them on the new digital photos frames.