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About Christina Cosmetics

You can buy Israeli Christina cosmetics in online store. Here you can get acquainted with the wide range of products and prices for natural cosmetics Christina. All products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials using the latest scientific developments in the world of cosmetology, which allows you to effectively and safely correct and eliminate the most complex skin problems. Using in work the professional cosmetics for face and body of Christina, the beautician can be sure of an excellent result. Drug lines are presented for every taste and allow to solve a wide range of aesthetic problems. Christina has its own unique individual flavor. As well as a scientifically based dosage of each component in the composition.   CHRISTINA is widely known among professionals of the beauty industry. Among their admirers are women who prefer to receive salon care for their skin at home. Today they have 12 main product lines in our assortment, more than 300 items: natural peels and masks, moisturizers and serums, regenerating agents and preparations for treating various dermatological problems.  After a selection of your online shopping there is one more thing that how you can find low price and christina Discount Deals and offers. So dont worry about that. It will helps you in this christina . So If u Want Extra Savings And christina codes, christina printable coupons, christina free coupon websites, christina discount promo, christina best online coupons, christina voucher, christina code promo, christina event code visit Couponscodehut and get your latest deals and offers.

About Christina Cosmetics

The emergence of the CHRISTINA brand is directly related to its founder, Christina Miriam Zehavi, a living legend in the world of professional cosmetics.When it was decided to turn the family business of creating creams into a full-fledged brand, the question of under what name to produce cosmetics was not raised - of course, CHRISTINA. At first it was a small laboratory, where leading Israeli scientists worked on the creation of funds, and already in 1982, the demand for highly effective means increased so much that production moved to its own factory.The CHRISTINA brand does not stand still, it is constantly developing and actively introducing new technologies and the latest scientific achievements. Christina was one of the first to use hyaluronic acid in cosmetology and developed a line of professional products based on it.
The name not only stuck - today it is known to every professional in the world of cosmetology, regardless of what kind of cosmetics he works with.The Muse line with the effect of rejuvenation at the DNA level includes technologies (the influence of telomeres and telomerase on aging processes), for the discovery of which scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, and the prevention of telomeric aging has become one of the most progressive directions in cosmetology.CHRISTINA today is a large factory with equipment and its own laboratory, which manufactures products for more than 60 countries around the world. The range of more than 300 products is a brand that is associated with innovation, reliability, safety, high efficiency and a wide range of tools to solve any aesthetic skin problem.

CHRISTINA specialist training system

CHRISTINA is a whole ecosystem that combines real professionals in their field and their profession - that is why customers can safely entrust their skin to the products of this brand, a great result is guaranteed.
The famous training system of CHRISTINA specialists allows achieving high efficiency in the use of the brand's products; any cosmetologist can undergo training absolutely free of charge as many times as he needs.