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Welcome to the first in Russia club of fans, supporters and adherents of the brand Seiko - Seiko Club, on its website This portal was created by people who are endlessly passionate about the world of Seiko, who knows everything about it, and who want to share their knowledge and their love for the High Japanese Sentry Art all over Russia. After a selection of your online shopping there is one more thing that how you can find low price and seikoclub Discount Deals and offers. So dont worry about that. It will helps you in this  seikoclub . So If u Want Extra Savings And seikoclub, seikoclub printable coupons, seikoclub online coupons, seikoclub free coupon websites, seikoclub discount promo, seikoclub best online coupons, seikoclub voucher, seikoclub code promo, seikoclub event code visit Couponscodehut and get your latest deals and offers.

About Seikoclub


About SeikoClub

We welcome you to the first in Russia club of amateurs, supporters and adherents of the Seiko brand - the Seiko Club, on its website This portal was created by people who are endlessly fascinated by the world of Seiko, who know everything about it, and who want to share their knowledge and their love for High Japanese Watchmaking throughout Russia. The portal united not just fans of the Seiko brand, it was created under the leadership of the exclusive distributor of the brand in Russia TBN Time Distribution and Seiko Russ LLC, which operates under the direct control of the Seiko representative office in the Russian Federation. is the only official Seiko branded online boutique in Russia.
The purpose of the appearance of this project was the desire not only to provide complete correct official information about the brand, to be the first to introduce new products and to provide customers with the best service. The club format provides for uniting people interested in the Seiko brand on a single platform where they could exchange emotions, thoughts, knowledge about the Great Seiko, raise and discuss current issues, share their knowledge and discover something new for themselves from the immense rich history of the brand. Seiko.We attract a wide range of interested people in social networks, where we try to regularly acquaint you with the history, pressing problems, the current situation, posting interesting events and news from the life of the brand in online and life-format.We have been entrusted with a difficult honorable mission - to be the # 1 website in Russia, and by combining our efforts, we will cope with the tasks set! Join and unite!


All products sold in our store are original and are covered by the guarantee of the corresponding service centers indicated in the warranty coupons or service books - from 2 years + 1 year of additional warranty. 

Warranty service does not apply to:

  1. Battery life.
  2. A product showing signs of violation of the operating rules:
    • traces of impacts and mechanical damage: dents, notches, bounced hands, risks, numbers, deformation of the dial, absence or deformation of the crown, watch buttons, etc.
    • traces of unauthorized opening outside the warranty service center (scratches on the case at the junction with the back cover, damaged screw slots, fingerprints inside the mechanism, non-standard battery, incorrectly installed cover seal, etc.
    • traces of exposure of the product to high (more than + 50 ° ?) or low (less than -20 ° ?) temperatures.
  3. Damage (internal and external) caused by any external mechanical impact, shock or vibration loads, application of external force to parts of the product: broken or dropped glass, cracks, scratches, scuffs, chips, deformation of materials and parts, breakage or bending of the axis of the transfer head, curvature of wheel axles and balance, deformation of plates, rupture or stretching of parts, tearing off the lugs of the case for attaching a bracelet, etc.
  4. A watch that has been damaged by exposure to moisture.
  5. Damage caused by contact with corrosive chemicals or solvents: alkalis, acids, mercury and its vapors, plastic solvents, etc.
  6. Damage to products due to the ingress of foreign objects, substances or insects.
  7. Damage to the calendar mechanism due to the movement of the hands from their position between 23:00 and 04:00 hours (when the automatic date change mechanism is activated).
  8. Other damage caused by deliberate or careless actions of the buyer or violation of the rules of operation.