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ShareAble for Hires: Pre-Employment Background Checks for Employees

Hiring the best people for your business represents an opportunity and a risk. As a small business owner or employer, its important to hire those who represent the right fit for your culture and can be trusted with sensitive business information. You also need to feel confident in your new hires ability to interact with your customers.Thats where ShareAble for Hires comes in. We help small business owners make better hiring decisions by enabling a web-based, self-service, employee background check service that delivers fast, reliable and easy-to-perform employment background checks.

For small business owners, it is important to know as much as you can find out about your next potential hire.  This means reviewing relevant criminal behavior and reviewing credit history too.  Why should an employer check an applicants credit report?  There are many reasons, including reviewing financial habits with money, financial responsibility, ability to manage budgets and get more information in general to assess your risk.
We know youll base your hiring decision on more than just a credit profile. But we also know how risky the decision to hire an individual to assume key responsibilities can be. Without an accurate background check, theres no way to know for sure whether the job candidate is financially responsible or determine if an applicant has a relevant criminal background. No business can afford to go into such a relationship blind.Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology to deliver comprehensive employment background checks, we designed our solution specifically for small business owners who need accurate work background checks fast.

ShareAble for Hires is Convenient

Small businesses need credit and criminal background checks for open positions, but often lack a convenient way to perform these employee background checks, making screening difficult. Most screening services require you to go through membership before using their service. That means you need to verify your business through an onsite inspection, complete paperwork, and in many cases, pay additional fees before you can begin screening. Not only is this costly, but also it slows down your screening process with additional steps.Alternatively, ShareAble for Hires' pre employment screening process is self-service and accessible online immediately. To initiate the screening process, you simply create an account online and use ShareAble for Hires to email your applicant a screening invitation. Instead of filling out the applicants data yourself, the potential new hire will submit their personal information to ShareAble for Hires and answer identity verification questions. Once the applicant has been verified, your pre employment background check reports are made available to you and your applicant in minutes.Our employer background check services cover criminal and credit background checks and offer many benefits, including:
  • Immediate access
  • All online
  • TransUnion credit reports
  • Extensive criminal history report covering nearly all jurisdictions
  • Pay as you go pricing with no hidden fees
  • Broad coverage with 230 million credit histories and over 370 million criminal records

Compliance with ShareAble for Hires

With ShareAble for Hires, employers have the benefit of full-scale, pre-employment background checks that search criminal records across state and federal databases. Plus, we provide high-quality reports that are compliant with the FCRA. We continually monitor our background check solution to ensure it complies with the latest laws and regulations that govern consumer reporting agencies.How long will the employment background check take?  Unlike traditional job background check screenings where an employer pulls an applicants information, ShareAble for Hires' unique process allows the applicant to request their own information through ShareAble for Hires and push or send it to you. This process means you do less work and receive reports in minutes.

ShareAble for Hires gives you Complete Confidence

With reports delivered direct from TransUnion, a trusted credit reporting agency for over 40 years, you can trust that the results received are reliable and actionable. TransUnion is one of the big three consumer reporting agencies and a world-leading business intelligence provider, maintaining one of the largest collections of consumer information.Dont be slowed down by inefficient, costly background checks. ShareAble for Hiress broad spectrum of technology and employment background check solutions gives small business owners more complete employee background check reports online in minutes. And we offer background check price options that can fit your budget. By being better informed about your new hires, youll feel secure in the choices you makeand have a more complete picture of your new employees before their first day on the job.