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About Yamdiet

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About company
YAMDIET is one of the first companies to launch a healthy food delivery service in Moscow. During this time, we have managed to optimize our business processes so as to ensure high quality products, a variety of dishes, a professional nutritional approach and the use of artificial intelligence while maintaining an affordable price for every resident of our capital.
About the service
We offer a comprehensive solution to problems related to proper nutrition:
  • selection of high quality ingredients,
  • drawing up a balanced diet,
  • preparing meals in compliance with all the rules of healthy food,
  • daily food delivery in convenient containers.
Our service is for those who want to lose weight and maintain a comfortable weight or eat right without wasting time studying dietology, choosing meals, counting calories, searching for organic products and cooking.The cooking process takes place several hours before delivery under the supervision of the chef. Ready meals are packed in airtight containers and delivered in a refrigerator bag to maximize freshness and flavor.Due to the achievement of business automation, an adequate price for food is formed, which allows our clients to be adherents of healthy, tasty food on a daily basis.